Dennis James, 20 September 2009, 4 PM

    On 20 September 2009 at  4:00 p.m. Dennis James was at the Arlington to accompany the classic silent movie: Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.   This presentation was a collaborative effort between the Santa Barbara international Film Festival and SBTOS sponsored by Southern California Edison and an anonymous donor.  The theatre was nearly filled, and many audience members had never experienced a silent movie with live theatre pipe organ accompaniment.

Jerry Nagano Concert:  Saturday, 10 May 2008. 

    With aplomb, Jerry Nagano put the Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington through its paces with selections from movies throughout the 20th century finishing up the first half with a long medley of virtually every song from The Wizard of Oz.  Jerry made a very realistic cyclone roar on the organ as introduction to the Happy Farmer selection from the Wizard of Oz.  Jerry  made wonderful use of the Wonder-Morton's solo voices.

    The concert 2nd half moved into music of the 50's and made use of the piano to play be-bop selections, then finishing up with Wind Beneath My Wings as a tribute to John Oien.
   Jerry Nagano was born and raised in the Los Angeles area where he began his musical training at age ten. From the very beginning the movies played a major role in his musical life. It was because of attending a silent movie show accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer that Jerry took an interest in the organ. After instruction on electronic organ for a period, he had a chance to study with organist Gaylord Carter, the very person who played for that silent film years before.

    During his college years, Jerry was also the organist at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium playing their fabulous Moller Pipe organ.

    Upon moving to Northern California, Jerry became a member of the staff of the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto where classic Hollywood is screened nightly with intermissions performed on the Mighty Wurlitzer. For ten years he was the featured artist at the famed Ye Olde Pizza Joynt in the Bay Area, home of the “Wurlitzer in the Pizza Parlor” concept.

    Aside from a very busy musical life, during the day Jerry is a Senior Computer Systems Engineer for Stanford University.

    Concert time was 11 AM at the Arlington Theatre, 1317 State Street, Santa Barbara.

                        Jerry Nagano

Jerry point out the location of "Mr. Piano" in front of the solo chamber.

Dinner with Jerry Nagano

On Friday night preceeding the Saturday concert, sixteen SBTOS members and Newton Pipe Organ Services personnel had dinner with Jerry at Harry's restaurant in Santa Barbara.  The dinner lasted about two hours and lots of good conversation was had by all.  Jerry autographed Phil McKinley's copy of his first LP record.

Dinner with Jerry Nagano
Dinner with Jerry Nagano at Harry's restaurant in Santa Barbara.  Counter-clockwise from Jerry are: Phil and Tana McKinley,
Rick Gray, Roger Inkpen (partially hidden), Fred & Linda Ziesenhenne, Diane Davis, George & Betty Ferrand, Howard Lawson,
Mahlon Balderston, Lucky & Loni Hawkins, Bonnie & Bruce Murdock, David Gell.

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