Open Console:

Typically, open consoles are the second Saturday of the month.  We only can secure this date a week in advance.  We will have an open console in Febuary, but which Saturday is TBD.

Open consoles are held from 9AM to 11AM.  
Enter by the Sola Street side door (has stairs leading down to a green double door).  The door will be blocked open.  Please do not enter the small back door of the theatre, which has a single step leading up.

Open Consoles are free and open to the public.  Bring you kids, friends, and neighbors.  Come play the organ. listen, take pictures, ask questions, see the chambers, and meet new friends.  Enjoy yourselves.

The best parking is at the Chapala Street city lot located about 1/2 block south of the theatre.

Free silent movie at the Arlington, 3 February 2019.

On Sunday, 3 February 2019 at 2PM, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in collaboration with SBTOS will present a silent movie with staff organist, Adam Aceto playing the Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington.

The event is free and open to the public.  We hope to see you there.  Tours of the organ  will be provided after the movie, time permitting.

We have yet to decide on the movie title.  If you have a favorite, please email us at

Our organist, Adam Aceto, has accompanied past Silent Sunday movies, and is spot-on with the right sound at the right time.  His playing just becomes an integral part of the movie.

The theatre pipe organ is also known as the Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra.  It runs at 15-times the air pressure of a typical church pipe organ, and contains pipe ranks emulating orchestral instruments as well as real instruments: piano, marimba, glockenspeil, xylophone, celesta (cryssoglott), cathedral chimes, and vibraharp. 

The organ has 14-tremulants (devices to modulate air pressure and create tremolo and vibrato).  A church pipe organ generally has one (or none).

The percussions round out the organist's sound palate: bass drum, kettle drum, snare drum, field drum, tom-tom's, 4 different cymbals (22" to 10"), and the toy counter: fire bell, phone bell, door bell, police whistle, bird whistle. train whistle, airplane, oogah horn, horse's hooves, triangle, castinets, wood block, tamborines, surf sound, Chinese gong, and more.

We hope to see you there on the 3rd!

Newsletter & Membership:

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SBTOS Telephone Hot Line: 805-685-9891

    In addition to this web site, you can use the hot line to find out about the next concert, open console, Board meeting, etc.