Open Console: 15 September, Saturday, 9-11 AM.  Enter by one of the side doors.  Normally it would be the side door nearest Sola Street, but the construction activities my have that access blocked.  If so, try the side door on the other side of the theatre near Public Market.  The appropriate side door will be blocked open.

Open Consoles are open to the public, and are free.  Bring you kids, friends, and neighbors.  Come play the organ. listen, take pictures, ask questions, and see the chambers.  Enjoy yourselves.

Upcoming silent movie: 
On Sunday, 19 August, 3PM, SBTOS will present the silent classic "The General" starring Buster Keaton. 

Adam Aceto will provide live theatre pipe organ accompaniment. 

The General is the name of a large steam locomotive.  See:

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SBTOS Telephone Hot Line: 805-685-9891

    In addition to this web site, you can use the hot line to find out about the next concert, open console, Board meeting, etc.