David Potter accompanies the Santa Barbara Symphony in Saint-Saens Symphony no. 3, Organ Symphony.

Music Director Gisele Ben-Dor conducts the Santa Barbara Symphony as David Potter plays the organ.

Performances of Saint-Saens Symphony no. 3 (Organ Symphony) were presented on Saturday evening and Sunday Afternoon, 18 and 19 October 2003 in the Arlington Theatre under the baton of Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra Music Director Gisele Ben-Dor.  Local organist, David Potter accompanied the Santa Barbara Symphony on the Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington.

The Great Theatre Pipe Organ of the Arlington performs classic music quite well.  In addition to the 400+ theatre organ stops, it has two 6 rank mixtures to add brilliance to classic music.

David Potter and the organ provided a solid foundation to the symphony music.  Josef Woodard reviewed the concert in the Santa Barbara News Press and said "The odd twist came in the form of the Arlington Theatre's spangled, gilded organ, which rose surreally out of its pit late in the first movement of Saint-Saens' Symphony No. 3 in C minor, "Organ," and issued swaths of sound from the theater's balconies."

Saint-Saens has been performed at the Arlington by the Santa Barbara in three past concert weekends (2001, 1999, 1995).

The audience was invited to look into Main Chamber 2 after the concert to see some of the sound producing parts of the organ.  One of the tour group emailed us saying:

"My in laws (visiting from Minnesota) and I certainly appreciated you showing us the organ at the Arlington after the symphony this evening.  It's a wonderful instrument. My mother in-law is a church organist and was delighted to hear the music this evening and the unexpected treat of seeing the pipes topped the evening off beautifully."


Organist David Potter and Bruce Murdock wait in the organ pit at intermission prior to the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony performance.

Thanks to George Ferrand for the above pictures.g